Welcome to Ludis! Where your dedication to your sport meets our commitment to your growth. You came here for a reason, now leave it to our coaches to help you take your game to the next level.

Access specialized support from our coaches to optimize your MIND, BODY, and FUEL to help you reach peak athletic performance!


Not every athlete has access to the same level of support that is offered by top prep schools, college programs and professional organizations.


Ludis is the solution: Our goal is to make sure you are supported in all aspects of MIND, BODY, and FUEL to help you reach your maximum athletic potential!

Ludis allows you to build your own athletic performance and development (APD) team right at your fingertips.  Our easy-to-use app allows you to search and connect with coaches who will support you by creating a specialized program to help equip you with the right tools and confidence to reach your goals.

Here, you’re not just reaching for your goals; you’re exceeding them!

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How Ludis Works

 1) Register: the time is now to elevate your game!

2) Build your support team: connect with our awesome coaches. 

3) Purchase hours: individual hours, packages, or subscription for a discounted price.

4) Book your appointment: virtual appointments allow you to be anywhere. 

Why Ludis?

  • Virtual or in-person sessions

  • Unlimited access to your coaches through Ludis App.

  • Build your own specialized support team.

  • Add-on genetic or food sensitivity testing to dive into your health further – inquire with your coach!

  • Work with coaches throughout your career, when you need them most. 

What do we offer?

  • One-on-one sessions

  • Group/Team sessions

Are you ready to elevate your game?

Become a Coach

  • Flexible Hours
  • Grow Your Own Market
  • Dedicated Travel and Marketing Budget
  • Company Benefits
  • Work With Clients Nationwide
  • Support Team To Help You Grow
  • All Tools, Systems and Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, hours can be used for any MIND, BODY, and FUEL sessions.

Of course! We are here to help and answer any questions you might have. Please book a 15 minutes introductory call here.

Yes! We work with many parents and their children. Parents are key to their child’s athletic development. When registering, please choose the option to register as a “parent of an athlete.” 

When you purchase hours, they are added to your hours bank on your profile. As you work with your support team, the session hours are deducted from your balance. You can use the hours within a year from purchase date.

Great question! Let’s simplify it for you:

#1 –  Register and create your profile.

#2 – Build your support team – connect with coaches.

#3 – Purchase hours.

#4 – Book a session with one of your coaches.

#5 – Prepare to elevate your game!

You can choose to schedule a 1 hour session or 30 minute session.

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